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Human Design and Your Online Business

Human design offers a unique map of you. This map shows you how unique you are and guides you to function optimally. When I first heard about it, I thought it was one of those woo-woo things like astrology and psychics. Well, it kind of is, but it is also spooky accurate.

The first step is discovering your unique human design type and body chart. There are so many amazing tools out there, but I will link my favorite here.

Once you look at your body chart you will fall into one of the main 5 categories (manifestor, generator, manifesting generator, projector, and reflector). This is where human design and business start to make a lot of sense and also get tricky. Understanding your design and the strengths and weaknesses will allow you to choose actions for your business that are in alignment.

1. Manifestor: You are here to lead and impact. You have lots of energy. You like to be alone and have freedom to create.

2. Generator: You are here to work and build. You have lots of energy. You thrive in groups.

3. Manifesting Generator: The hybrid "Manifestor in Waiting." You have lots of energy. You are able to visualize and initiate when you are in alignment.

4. Projector: You are here to guide others. You have less access to energy. You work best one-on-one.

5. Reflector: You are here to gauge and transform. You have less access to energy. You are the most rare type.

Once you identify your human design, take a look at how you have been functioning up to this point. Have you been trying to be a different human design? Have you been resting adequately? Have you been using the correct strategy for your type? Have you been out of alignment?

Awareness is key. Knowing who you are and how you can feel your best will help you to start choosing business actions that are meant for you. If you work best in groups, find a way to do that. If you are supposed to wait a full lunar cycle to make decisions, stop making rash choices. If you work best in spurts, find ways to make your work schedule around that. Listen to your body. Trust yourself. Try this human design thing out.

My entire life I was programmed to think that I was a generator. I pushed myself to the limits. I burned myself out. I equated hard work with success. It was slowly killing me. I tried to keep up with everyone else and never could. I thought I was flawed. I thought the only way to run a successful business was to work harder than anyone else.

It never worked.

When I discovered that I am actually a projector, it was like someone finally turned the lights on. It all clicked.

Projectors work best in spirts of energy and. motivation balanced with lots of rest. They do not have a connection to limitless source energy. I have to learn to work when inspired and rest when tired.

Projectors are supposed to wait for invitations before sharing their gifts, abilities, and advice. Hmmm so that is why I would feel rejected all the time when I was trying to help. That is why cold messaging and telling everyone I know about my business didn't work. Interesting.

Understanding the strategy attached to your human design type will allow you to choose actions that align best with your type. You begin to trust the process and become your best self. You become the person you were meant to. Life becomes amazing.

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