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So You're a Projector, Now What?

If you are reading this, you probably recently discovered that you are classified as a

projector according to your human design type. Don't panic. It is going to be totally okay.

When I first learned about human design I was convinced I was a generator. Maybe even a manifesting generator. I was addicted to hard work and always being busy. You can imagine my shock when my body chart identified me as a projector.

Me? A projector? No way. This is wrong. My mom must have given me the wrong birth time or something.

Until I started researching more about projectors and reflecting on my life.

Yeah, I definitely was burning out a lot trying to keep up with everyone else.

Yeah, I do best when people approach me first for help or guidance.

Yeah, I work really amazing one-on-one.

Yeah, I have always been told I can see the bigger picture.

Finally I was convinced. I am a dang projector. Now what?

At first I set up to learn as much as I could about my type. I wanted to know how I functioned best. What exercises to do. How to have a good relationship. How to work best. All the google questions.

Here's what I learned...

  1. I need rest. Projectors do not have the same access to energy as everyone else. We work best in spurts of energy and then rest. Think: work when inspired, rest when tired.

  2. I have to embrace waiting for invitations to share my gifts. This doesn't have to be a bad thing either. Now I trust that the right opportunities will present themselves to me. In the meantime, I get to rest and do what I love. No pressure.

  3. I actually can see the bigger picture and I am bomb at giving advice. We can see things much clearer than others. We are literally meant to guide everyone else. This totally affirmed my career path as a life and business coach.

  4. The feeling that means I am on track: success. The feeling that means I am out of alignment: bitterness. Knowing these key feelings allows me to do daily check ins to make sure I am aligned.

  5. One of our core needs is recognition and we often get overlooked. It made sense. I love when people acknowledge my genius. This does not mean I am flawed or conceded. It is a core need of projectors. Embrace that.

  6. It is super repelling to others if I try to force my knowledge, perspective, or advice. As much as it sucks, we have to wait for the invitation.

  7. If you are in business, it is best to share your knowledge about what you love. Make it known that you are the expert in your field. Then people can invite you to work with them. No cold calls. Just be you and be in love with your passion. The income will follow.

At first, I was resentful of my design type. I was worried I could never be a successful business owner.

I was wrong. Now I love being a projector. I get to be a guru. I see the bigger picture. I can nap guilt free. I get to share what I love every day. AND the income follows.

Being a projector is a blessing.

What is your biggest take away from this article?

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