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The Missing Link Between Mindset and Manifestation

Hello gorgeous soul!

Let's chat about the missing link between your mindset and manifesting your wildest dreams.

When I first watched The Secret on Netflix I was blown away by the Law of Attraction. I wanted to kick back on my couch and attract wealth, health, and my soulmate. Relatable, right? It seemed way too good to be true.

I had some mediocre success with manifesting, but nothing mind blowing... until I discovered the missing link- THE MODEL!

I am a mindset junkie. I love learning about our brain, behaviors, and programming. So when I discovered this mindset tool, I felt like I hit the manifesting jackpot.

This mindset tool is known as "THE MODEL."

I didn't create it, the fabulous Brooke Castillo did, so she gets all the credit and praise.

Simply put, the model breaks down how our thoughts create all of the results we have in life (sounds like the law of attraction, right?) I love it because it puts more science and structure to manifestation and takes a little bit of the "woo" out. It is the practical way for anyone, even the most sensible people, to utilize the gift of manifestation. You can still attract your dream life without going to a psychic, listening to your spirit guide, or understanding chakras. The model takes all the extra fluff out of it and gives you a clear guide on how to create the life of your dreams.

Here's the framework:

C: Circumstance - A neutral fact about life

T: Thought - Sentences in your brain

F: Feeling - Vibration in your body

A: Action - Actions you take or don't take as a result of the feeling

R: Result - Everything you can see around you

So how does this framework apply to you and your goals? No worries, I'll give examples. The fun part is that this framework can be applied in any situation, with any goal, and work for every single person. Let’s dive in!

The circumstance always comes first. This part can be tricky at first because there is no emotion to it. Just plain and simple facts - My shirt is red. Not my shirt is a gorgeous shade of red.

From there, each piece influences the next in order. Those pesky sentences in your head will cause you to have feelings in your body - good or bad. Those feelings will compel you to do something. Those actions (or lack of) will eventually create the end result that you can see around you.

Here's an example to show you the power of your thoughts and how they influence the outcome.

Example 1:

Circumstance - There are dishes in the sink when you get home.

Thought - "Ugh! My husband didn't do the dishes. He doesn't even care about me."

Feeling - You are frustrated, stressed, and angry

Actions - You march upstairs and start a fight with your husband about how he doesn't help you enough

Result - the dishes still aren't done and your in a fight

This is a pretty ugly situation. You can probably immediately point out that the person was in a bad mood and super negative. Now let's look at the same situation, but this time with a positive mindset.

Example 2:

Circumstance - There are dishes in the sink when you get home

Thought - Oh, my husband must have been busy today. I'm sure he'll get them done before dinner.

Feeling - unbothered.

Action - Go about your day and routine. You do you, boo.

Result - The dishes are done before dinner. You are happy. Your husband is happy.

Do you see the power of your thoughts?

This may seem like an obvious example. Of course positivity helps relationships, Sydney. I agree with you. BUT this framework can be used in any situation!

How Do We Connect The Model to Manifestation?

The key to making your goals and dreams come true is to put the end result that you really want in that RESULT line.

Let’s walk through an example together. Get out a piece of paper so you can create your first model. Okay, so first, write down that result that you deeply desire. Get clear on it and be as specific as possible.

Then, work the framework backwards.

  • What actions do you need to take to achieve that goal? (Inspired Action)

  • How do you need to feel in order to take that action (Aligned Frequencies)

  • What thoughts do you need to be thinking to feel that way? (Affirmations)

Congratulations! You have just completed your first mental model!! Now, you can repeat it daily with different goals and thoughts that you have. The more aware you are of what is going on inside your head, the more power you will have over the outcomes in your life.

It has blown my mind and helped to manifest crazy dreams. Never in my wildest manifestations would I think that I could be buying a house, running a 6-figure business, and planning dream vacations at 22. Honestly, I couldn't be...until I found THE MODEL. It doesn’t have to be complicated either. Here is an example of the model that helped me scale my business…

Circumstance: I have 5 clients

Thought: This is amazing. I am changing lives. I provide immense value. My clients love working with me.

Feeling: Confident. Excited. Motivated.

Actions: Showing up daily for my business. Radiating confidence during my consult calls. Coaching like I run a 6 figure business

Result: Consistent stream of new clients working 1-1 with me

AND here’s another model that I worked backwards…

Result: I am a 6-Figure Business Coach

Actions: Sign 20 clients to work 1-1

Feeling: Self confident. Joyful. Excited. Ready.

Thought: I am a 6-Figure Business Coach, people sign up to work with me every week. I am amazing at this.

Do you notice the simplicity of this? It doesn’t have to take long or be overly complicated. Just get clear on what you want to manifest, and let the process begin!

I urge you to use it to take those wild manifestations and put in the work to bring it into reality. It is simple, yet profound. Taking 10 minutes each morning to work out a new or existing model you have will increase your mental awareness and shift the universe in your favor. When you bring attention to your desires, the thoughts, feelings, and actions that are necessary will become apparent to you.

So commit to yourself and your future. Watch how just 10 minutes of brain dumps a day can start creating massive shifts in your life.

Thoughts do become things, just add a little sprinkle of inspired action, aligned frequencies, and affirmations to make the magic happen.

With love & happiness,

Sydney Jordan Life & Business Coach

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